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This is the ebook version of ‘You are the Beef’ be sure to check out the original paperback version below.


You Are The Beef!


This is the original paperback version of ‘You are the Beef’.  Unfortunately, there are very few copies of this book left. So hurry and click the link below to get your rare copy of this epic book.

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Keith ‘The Beef’ Hillyer

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About the Book!

The Book


‘You are the Beef’ was written about different adventures in my life. Stories about, fishing, bands, football and growing up and all sorts of other tales. The book starts off by telling stories about my life as a young skinhead. Back in the day, the skins would be seen causing all sorts of mayhem around our seaside town of Margate, and any other Bank Holiday seaside town they’d choose to invade. 


Looking Back


It’s funny seeing pictures of those days back then all those years ago, and remembering what it was like seems like two different worlds. The pictures of the skinheads look so young and harmless, but then what a handful, that really wasn’t the case. But actually being around them back in the day (being only a teenager myself) they all look so menacing. I have to laugh I can remember it being quite a nerve-racking experience try to blend in with these evil looking baldies.


Skinhead Invasion to your seaside town


There was Southend that was right on London’s doorstep. This was also a popular choice for that snarling skinhead. Weston Super Mare and of course Brighton. Brighton is the setting for that mega film Quadrophenia. Along with Scum has to be one of my favourite all time film. Those Mods and Rockers bashing the living daylights out of each other on Brighton beach was just awesome. Now, who would have thought this actually happened for real, only ten times worse according to an X bobby I had picked up in my taxi.


Skinhead Days


Our skinhead days also marked the era of the return of the mods, who with the rockers would invade our seaside town of Margate. Realistically, with the skinheads, this also was a recipe for disaster all day long. Now for all the locals, this was quite an event too. Sometimes engaging in the party activities themselves. These were, of course, the Soul Boys.


Football Days


Then, of course, there were my football days, my team is Chelsea. The majority of my trusty mates seemed to be West Ham or Tottenham Hotspur. Even though you would obviously think of Man United or Liverpool but not in our little gang.


To be honest I have had some pretty hairy adventures following my beloved Chelsea around our great country. Back in the eighties, there were a lot of problems on and off the terraces. I can safely say that my nerves are semi back on track now.


Close Encounters


Some of my football encounters are not for the faint-hearted believe you me. I fact on a couple of occasions I quietly prayed it was all just a dream and I’d wake up at the home…..no chance.


After a number of close escapes, I can hand on my heart say I had never got a real kicking or really hurt anyone else. That wasn’t to say friends that had travelled with me hadn’t got off so likely, as you can read in one of the chapters.


Jakarta Indonesia


Mods and Rockers


As for fishing the stories, these are all events that happened when the Mods and Rockers were at large. Twice my good buddies and I have real close escapes by both parties.


I can remember there being around 800 mods one fine glorious Bank Holiday. Probably, one of the funniest blokes on the planet, and my best buddy, Mickey ‘Boy’ Meaker features in a number of chapters in my book.


On our travels down to the South of France, we came across a few obstacles on the way. This was all around the football casual era. Mickey Boy and I go back years right back to our early school days, the blokes an absolute legend.


Band Era


I can remember all my mates were into the punk/Oi music scene. Bands like Cock Sparrer, The Cockney Rejects and yes even The Last Resort a band that I would front as the guitarist for many years later down the line. Who would have thought I would have ended up playing in a band my mates absolutely loved.


last resort


The Last Resort


For me, playing in The Last Resort has got to be one of the highlights of my guitar playing days in my life so far. Ultimately, being able to play gigs all over the world has got to be something of an achievement and something to grateful for.


Amazingly, some of the countries that I have visited have been a right eye opener, to say the least.  Countries like Japan, Colombia, Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, and the USA just to name a few. That’s not forgetting UK and Europe, those places have been like a second home as far as music goes.


Late 80’s


Back in time, when I first joined The Last Resort in 1989. They were working on ‘the album 1989’ and decided to take on another guitarist to fill out the sound and for the lead guitar parts. Mark was a great guitarist and my hero, I really looked up to him because he was also a great songwriter and an amazing show-off.


Blues Band


I was playing in a blues band at the time when Marc the guitarist and Roi came down to see me play at a gig that the band was doing. This was at a wine bar in Ramsgate. The band was called Patrick Moore and the Stargazers. To be honest, this was a great band, we had quite a following around our manner.


First Audition


Then, I ended up having an audition with the Last Resort, then that was it I was in. 


We spent a lot of time rehearsing but unfortunately, we didn’t really play that much. In fact, I can only remember doing the one gig. Having said that it was far from a skinhead looking band and the music seemed to be more rocky, especially with the two guitars. The gig was in a place called Whitstable in Kent. We hired a 10k rig for that show.


New Line Up


 Years later the band reformed with just me on the guitar and JJkaos on bass. Our drummer was Chris Jones. We played a lot more gigs and even notched a few tours under our belts.


We sounded a bit more Oi with just the one guitar. Our debut gig was in Berlin under that line-up and it was packed to the rafters. 


Nowadays, the band are still going strong, and are still playing shows all over the world. Lars Fredrickson is playing the guitar for The Last Resort now. Which for the Last Resort, can only be a bonus.



We are the League!


I have also had a great spell with ‘The Anti Nowhere League’ before the Resort got back together. My first gig with the League was in New York. That particular tour went on for about a month. By the end of it, I felt exhausted. I fact, the last gig in San Francisco I could hardly walk off stage. Exhaustion was something of a mystery to some people in the music scene, but until you experience it first hand, its a different story.


Not my cup of tea


Realistically, these were not bands I was into back in the day but was still familiar with a lot of the top tunes. Like I mentioned earlier, my mates loved them. The original Last Resort was only together for just over a year, you would have thought they’d been forgotten about but their timing for coming onto the Oi scene was just impeccable.


The Last Resort, in my opinion, are one of the major names in that scene. I am really not being bias but for me, Roi’s voice is the voice of Oi. His cockney accent style of singing is just the best and still going strong today. In fact, he looks fitter than what he ever did back all those years ago.


UK Subs


One of my favourite bands of that era was the UK Suds. What a legend Charlie Harper is. He is still up there blasting out songs like ‘C.I.D.’ And ‘Stranglehold’ absolutely amazing stuff. This was a band that had also ventured down our neck of the woods. We never got to see them back in the day, but made up for it years later, being on the same bill as the subs with both The Anti Nowhere League and The Last Resort is a dream come true.



Grin and Bare It!


The Ruts, another amazing band from that era. Although Malcolm Owen died back then, they still carried on with playing under the name ‘Ruts DC. The Ruts were one of the main reason I got into playing the guitar. Their classic ‘Babylon’s Burning’ along with other killer tunes like ‘Staring at the Rude Boys’ and of course ‘In a Rut’ 


Diary of our Tours


Years later in the band era, I wrote several logs whilst we were travelling around certain country’s around the world, OK, the country’s that let us in. You can read all about those adventures and all the shenanigans we got up to.


Two-Tone Music


Funnily enough, we all loved the two-tone music. Bands like the Specials, Madness, Selecter, Bad Manners and of course The Beat. The bands had all played around our area at some point.


Winter Gardens


I can remember seeing truckloads of skinheads turn up at the Winter Gardens. This was the main venue for all the bigger named bands that came down to play Margate. It was by far the best venue around. But for me personally, playing gigs was always better in the smaller venues, I found that gigs were a lot more intense…there was no escape sometimes. I can remember when we played Santiago, Chile. The crowd broke the barrier at the front of the stage, you can see from the image below how intense this gig was.



Skinhead Fashion


Skinhead clobber has always for me be a mixture of tastes. You either had the bleached Levis rolled up to the hilt with great big 10 hole Doctor Martins. Or, the stay press two-tone trousers with a smart pair of Loafers or Brogues. I never forget getting my first pair of loafers and lording it up at a local gig. The packed gig was amazing but was ruined because some pratt had trod on my foot and snapped the leather toggles off.


 Adidas Sambas


Adidas Sambas seem to be very popular these days with a lot the skinheads we’ve come across on our travels. Maybe they just can’t be bothered to lace up a pair of Doc Martins. These classic leather black trainers are just the nuts. Compared to your trainers of today, these retro Sambas still outshine some of the newer styles in my humble opinion.


Fred Perry Verses Ben Sherman


You know the skinhead fashion today still hasn’t really changed since those skinhead days of the seventies. Really though the fashion went right back to 69 when it really all started. Ben Sherman Shirts are always going to stick whatever era you can remember. I loved the cut on the short sleeves with the little button stitched on the triangle bit…classic. 


Fred Perry


As for Fred Perrys, these are another firm favourite with the skinheads where ever you venture these days. These polo shirts are my favourite bit of clobber. This style of shirt has been copied by loads of top designer labels. It’s amazing that the Fred Perry shirts I think were designed for tennis. Also where you see Lacoste, Fila and Sergio Tacchini all these brand were classics in the casual era of football. 


Here is a list of classic skinhead clothing.


  • Doctor Martins
  • Monkey Boots
  • Adidas Samba Trainers
  • Loafers
  • Brogues


  • Levi Jeans
  • Stay Press Trousers
  • Two Tone Tonics
  • Army Camouflage Combat Trousers 


  • Ben Sherman 
  • Fred Perry
  • Brutus


  • Harringtons
  • Alpha Flight Jackets
  • Levi Jackets
  • Black Crombie





Down to Margate!

 In this chapter of the book, I recall the days when my best mate (Mickey ‘Boy’ Meaker) and I, started our skinhead journey. Bank Holiday Mondays were a time to remember back in those skinhead days, or even a time to forget for some. This was an eventful day to say the least, you just couldn’t make it up. I was sure my dad was going to be picking me up from the Old Bill station that day. I still can remember that day as if it was yesterday. 

Night Fishing!

Let’s go fishing! This chapter is all about me and my skinhead mates on a mission to catch some fish. This was another Bank Holiday Monday and it truly lived up to all expectations with a enormous great mob of about 800 mods invading our seaside town. But surely we’d be ok, we were miles away from the action fishing. If only life was that straight forward..not for me.


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